REVIEW: The Way to Game the Walk of Shame

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Generally speaking, I prefer my romance with (a little) raunchy goodness mixed in with it, but it always excites me when I come across a true YA genre book that entertains me from beginning to end like The way to Game the Walk of Shame.

I’m also a sucker for a faux-mance scenario, and it’s a testament to how much I enjoyed reading from the POV’s of the two MC’s that I enjoyed this as much as I did….even though this particular fake-dating-to-real-lovin scenario…yeah, I rolled my eyes at first, but I decided to just roll with it and I’m glad I did.

Quick Thoughts:

* LOVED how realistic Evan, the love interest’s male POV was. This is how you write a guy who isn’t hardcore alpha male without making him sound likes a teenage girl.

* I loved that, brace yourself for this one, Y’all…..the male love interest was ALLOWED to acknowledge the other girls he was with prior as attractive without writing them off as harlots who can’t possibly compare to his new virginal, goody-two-shoes, snow white luvah.

* The mean-girl factor (read: obligatory random HS chicks who snark and taunt the MC for being with Evan) wasn’t as over the top. In fact, once the two of them got into their faux-mance, there was actually very little focus on what their peers thought of them and more focus on the two MC’s ACTUALLY GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER on a level that went deeper than the mere surface of the smart, stuck up princess falling for the slacker man-whore trope YA authors are sticklers for.

* It was refreshing that Evan’s best friend wasn’t the typical, “Yo Bro! Dump this Virgin and let’s get back to these hoes!” supporting character.

*I really, REALLY enjoyed how self-aware both MC’s were, but especially Evan. I get annoyed when I’m reading from a guy’s POV and the only way an author seems capable of having him express how much he loves his leading lady is if he trash talks his former conquests as if he’s so above them and their unapologetic attitude about loving sex (as is his new brand of chick) when his ass was sure loving how free-spirited and willing they were before.

I also find it SUPER realistic for a teenage boy to be tempted to hook up with a hot chick that’s throwing herself at him…especially someone he has a FWB friendly history with. This ain’t a Disney production, Bih! He’s still a horny teenage boy. He doesn’t have to touch it, or even want to touch it in order to appreciate it what he’s looking at.

*** I also definitely loved their [Evan and Taylor’s] banter back and forth.

This was 4 stars but I’m going to go ahead and tack on the extra star just for the swoon-worthy comedy that was the two prologue chapters at the end of the book. Yes, I said PROLOGUE because the author actually flashed back to what happened the night before Ms. Overachiever Taylor Simmons woke up to do her “walk of shame”. Speaking of which….


If I had to compare this to another YA read it would be Kasie West’s P.S I Like You , only without the two lovebirds starting out as enemies.

I really did like this one. I read it from start to finish in only a couple hours.

4.5 Stars

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