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I don’t know how else to put this so I’m just going to say it…

Rachel Vincent’s The Stars Never Rise was fucking awesome!

I’m probably too slow on the uptake to get where the title of the book originates from but damn it, this was creative genius. I’ve only ever read one series of books—her Soul Screamers books—written by Vincent. So it’s been years since I’ve picked up another book/series by her and I find myself scratching my head because I’ve spent the last few years complaining about how impossible it is to find a decent paranormal/fantasy series when she actually has a shelf full of others I could have given a shot. No worries though…I definitely plan to rectify this lapse in judgment ASAP.

But first things first…

The Stars Never Rise.


Vincent sure knows how to write a book you never want to put down until it’s finished. And somehow she manages to make her all mighty, special heroine—Nina Kane in this world—more dignified than the countless other “kick-ass” heroines who clutch their pearls while the male love interest saves their special organic, snow-flake-crusted bacon. I couldn’t even bring myself to be annoyed by her leading “man” (more on those air quotes in a bit) constantly popping up to save the day. This is probably because unlike the Bella Swan’s of the fictional literature world, Nina Kane doesn’t just talk a good game via the novel’s blurb/synopsis. Nina actually fights for herself.

Hear me clearly, Peeps. Nina Kane—the books obviously beautiful, obviously destined to be special—protagonist actually fights her own damn battles. It’s like Christmas come early, I swear.

The ONE thing I didn’t like—apart from the arcs in the plot that are obviously meant to enrage any human with a soul—requires giving away spoilers regarding a very integral part of the story. All I’ll say is that I find nothing romantic about Nina and her love interest. In fact, I think their relationship is creepy as Hell. I have my fingers crossed that Vincent will find a way to, at the very least, resolve their romance “obstacle” in Book two (which I seriously wish would get here faster than August 12th).

But Romance aside?

Rachel Vincent has yet another hit on her hands. I haven’t been so excited about a storyline involving souls and demons since my days of binge-watching older seasons of Supernatural. (Much like with most genres of music these days…older is always better).

And since I’m seconds away from gushing about this even more, which would pretty much result in my revealing the whole frigging plot, let’s just say The Stars Never Rise is an indisputable [FIVE] Star book for me and call it a day.

No, seriously…I loved it.

4.5 Stars but I’m rounding UP ’cause I can!

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