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As far as heroines go, Anna is the first one in a long time that didn’t annoy the Hell outta me. (not right away at least.)

really wish authors would stop portraying their leading woman as someone with no self-esteem, who needs constant validation from the hottest guy in town. As usual, the portrayal of the competition (read: women who wanted the MC’s guy) was overkill. I mean seriously, I know women are catty and rude but if I’ve got a hot guy with his arms around me and they’re insulting me because of it, if I reacted AT ALL it would be me cranking the PDA up to borderline citation-levels just so they can see how much I enjoy what their BITCH ASSES can’t have. I sympathized with Anna, no question but there were times when she really made me cringe. In fact she’s the reason I was only going to give this three stars.

But I can’t because….. fucking Drew, Man. DREW


LOVE that Drew wasn’t the typical man-whore who’s all of a sudden changed after one night with the heroine AND I love that Drew wasn’t an arrogant asshole dressed up as an “alpha” male. Admittedly, he was headed a little towards Dawson territory in his POV….but guess what, Y’all? Men have feelings, too. Men can be softies and…okay, I know this is really going to be a shock to some, it is POSSIBLE for an Alpha-male to have doubts about his love interests feelings that goes beyond the typical, “she doesn’t think I’m a one-woman kinda girl” shtick. You know the saying, “Nice guys finish last”? <- Whoever said that wasn’t talking about a good lay. I’d bet good money that guy got his heart crushed by a woman with the same issues that, according to romance novels, only hot alpha men are allowed to exhibit because….well you know how us girls are with are scissors and glue when it comes to fixing damaged smoking hot male souls.

We live for it apparently.

Great…I went into ramble mode off on a tangent again.

VERDICT: Drew made this awesome. There was also no forcing the MC’s from the next installment down my throat like a lot of romance novel standalone series do. Anne was refreshingly less pain-in-the-ass-y than most new adult heroines. And I love the reverse of the “damaged soul” role.

I’m pretty late to this one, but if you like new adult, you haven’t already read the “Hook Up”, and you’re reading this rambling ass review right now…. CHECK IT OUT. I’m actually recommending this to my sisters!

3.5 Stars

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