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This book wasn’t what I expected.

And by that I mean it doesn’t live up to it’s title…like at all.

I expected way more of a hate-to-love situation than what I got. The first half of the book was less sexual tension and angry sex, and more boy pulls girls hair and stomps on her lunchbox because she changed classes and didn’t have recess with him anymore. Rude commentary and sexy-glares aside, Justin home-boy had a whole-GIRLFRIEND with him and didn’t even pretend he wasn’t in love with the MC from day 1. This wasn’t Room-hate. It was Room-hate-how-much-I-love-You.

I also had quite a few other issues with this story, both plot and character-wise.

But ultimately, the level of ENTERTAINMENT simply can’t be ignored.

I’d feel like I’m being one of those nit-picky, bratty, WELL-WHY-DON’T-YOU-TRY-WRITING-A-PERFECT-FUCKING-NOVEL-Instead-of-crushing-my-author-dream-then? reviewers if I rated the book down because of a handful of pet peeves. Where New Adult is concerned, I’ve pretty much adapted a “If the good outweighs the bad” mentality for the most part. I have a feeling the things that irritated me are the go-to staples of a NA novel anyway. Roomhate is textbook new adult, for sure. So if that’s your favorite genre you’ll love this.

But I don’t want to downplay how much I enjoyed Ward’s creative spin. This is my first book by her. And I’m still fairly new to the NA genre (read: less than 50 books in) but so far I haven’t come across a storyline with the swoon-worthy spin in this one.

…Even if the characters were very a bit melodramatic at times.

I mean, seriously? Their reason for leaving/hating each other wasn’t even a good one. And I wanted to punch Amelia—No, not her hot jerk-face love interest Justin—I wanted to punch AMELIA in the face for how she ALLOWED Justin to be a jerk-face to her at first. Especially when I realized the age they fell out & how silly the reason behind their fallout was.

Here’s the VERDICT:

Overall, this book was Hot and Sweet…like the cinnabun I’ve been craving all week.

New Adult lovers, Rejoice. You’ve got another raunchy-read to enjoy.

4 Ramble-Worthy Stars!

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