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I have no idea WTF I just read…. but the whole ride was fun..

I laughed out loud way too many times (and made a lot of people think I was cray-cray on the train ride home).

Really enjoyed this…. Minus the parts where I wanted to slap some sense into the MC & go criminal-minds-level psycho mastermind on her POS husband, like SHE should have from Day 1. Embrace the crazy! Go batshit when warranted…But you can’t have witnesses, girl! The term woman is supposed to synonymous with Machiavellian.

The Little Devil perched on every woman’s shoulder agrees:

[MC’s LD VOICE OVER: *Channels Mufasa* It seems you have forgotten me…]

Umm…So despite this being a ROMANCE novel and me REALLY enjoying it overall…. I didn’t buy the instant or even mid-book romantic (Read: ILYSM) connection… the love story seemed more lust than anything. And they didn’t know much about each other AT ALL until the very end when shit hits the fan. I’m torn as to whether I ever want to meet a guy who can make me fall in love with him using only his d*ck. (translation: I don’t believe its possible, but if any one of my 10000000000000 celeb BAES wanna give it a try…. #HollaATMe)

So yeah….this was very entertaining. I read it straight through, within a couple hours & I’ll definitely be reading more Liliana Anderson.

Full Disclosure though: I almost never skip the ‘sexy times’ scenes in novels, but I skimmed straight through a few of the ones here because it felt a little like I was reading Erotica when there was barely any getting to know each other outside of giving each other the f*ck me face, risky sex & then waxing poetic (read: moaning) about how wrong the situation is.





(I prefer more plot with my smut, thankyouverymuch… also the wash, rinse, repeat of “OMG What are we doing?!” every time made me think of that confession I read on College humor years ago about a chick who had to dump her religious boyfriend because he would cry and repent for his sins in the shower every time they had sex) .

Also, also (since i’m already rambling anyways) I’ve recently discovered a romance genre pet peeve that’s been latent for a while now…. THERE SHOULD BE A LIMIT ON HOW MANY‘Whoah is me, my ex never did this, he always said that, i can’t stop thinking about how he never this’ TANGENTS I HAVE TO READ THROUGH in between every damn interaction with the new guy/girl.

SIDEBAR: It’s 10x worse when the book is only from one POV. At least if they’re both comparing their exes to the new guy/girl its more balanced. I mean the guys POV comparisons usually irks me more since its always ‘my ex is a gold-digging slut & so is every other horny female trying to put the moves on me EXCEPT this new girl because she’s the star of the story so #enoughsaid but whatevz. Men are hardwired to be dipsh*ts, especially when you’re no longer relevant to them or their penises. (Bet my exes won’t SAY IT TO MY FACE though)

*BACK TO MY COMPLAINT* >>>>>>> I’m reading about the lovebirds , okay? And maybe its just my picky ass, but nothing puts the fire out on what should be a HOT as Hell scene, nothing takes the OON out of my Swooning faster than every other sentence being, “oh God, that feels SOoOoO….OH!–me and my ex never had sex like this–omg that’s so good—-my ex’s d*ck was nothing compared to—OMG He said he loves–why didn’t my ex love me like–oh yeah, that’s it new guy…just like-my ex never did THAT, he, yadda yadda–OMG this new guys perfect–why couldn’t my ex….”




No, but like….Seriously…

GURLLLL I get it, okay? The new guy is smarter, kinder, better in bed, and (as always) he has a much bigger d*ck…. *Sheldon Cooper voice* why are you STILL thinking about him during coitus? On page one-hunnit & three…?


This was definitely a treat though. All Romance lovers (who aren’t weirdos like me) will love this one. Especially if you enjoy the sexy-times.

Bonus* P.S (since I’m really on a roll here with this keyboard rambling shit): Question for all Shameless (US Version) fans…. were you annoyed by how persistent Jimmy was throughout most of his and Fiona’s relationship when she kept telling him to beat his feet in the other direction? If you combined his persistent personality with the swagger/sex appeal of your favorite fictional alpha male would that be your ideal romance hero? (my alpha is the SADLY lesser known Carlos Rivera so I invite you to pick your own)

If the answers yes, You’ll DEFINITELY love this one. If the answers NO,….Congrats. you’re weird just like me (I lost count of the times I’ve told Jimmy-Steve to FUCK OFF)… but I still say give it a try.


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