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Question: How is it possible to enjoy a book SO much when you can see every plot point coming before it happens?

Answer: Kody Keplinger, ladies and gentleman. That’s how!


I know that the L-O-L on the book’s cover is supposed to stand for “Lying out Loud” but if she were to change the word lying to Laughing it would be just as equally fitting a title for this nostalgia-inducing romantic comedy. This novel had me cracking up! And when I wasn’t laughing, I was cringing as the awkward moments Sonny endured provoked flashbacks to my own high school years. The gripping narrative even pulled at my heartstrings, eliciting tears that weren’t just from snickering at the main character Sonya’s antics.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a habitual liar. Even more so, I detest BAD liars because if you’re awful at it, that means you’re not just attempting to deceive me—you’re also insulting my intelligence. And believe me, I’ve had the misfortune of growing up around quite a few of both the former and latter.

Kody Keplinger managed to make a habitual liar likeable, lovable even. She seems to have this uncanny ability to breathe life into the fictional characters she created, making them as memorable as a (young) adult’s adolescent years, or for this books target audience, relatable to their struggles and obstacles as teenagers.

It’s been YEARS since I’ve read her other books (which are also awesome) but I remembered every character she introduced from the older novels because none of them—including Sonny Ardmore, Amy Rush, Ryder Cross—are cardboard cut-outs, or in other words the formulaic fictional teens that you can interchange with other YA books. They’re multi-dimensional and they read like actual teenagers, unlike some teen novels that scream of  “An adult wrote this” or ”I’m tryna be down” so you’ll pay attention to my life lessons.
Usually, I give a brief summary of the book in my review but the blurb on the cover pretty much, well….the covers got it covered. You get exactly what’s advertised and a little something extra—with that extra being the part you have to, and totally should read the book to discover for yourself.
Oh, and also, DIVERSE books! Love them. They’re such a rare find that it always excites me to come across one, especially when the diverse characters aren’t walking, talking stereotypes.


4.5 Stars

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