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I really, REALLY enjoyed this book. It’s for so many reasons, but let’s see if I can’t to sum it up with this:

How Not To Fall is everything, EVERYTHING that Fifty Shades of Grey & all of the subsequent FSOG knock-offs/Raunchy new adult series it inspired tried and failed to be.

I’m going to write it again, just so I’m being clear: ALL of those OTHER novels—the 3-book fifty shades & the H.A.Ms it inspired—tried it. Those books tried (?) and yet they failed.

They failed So Fucking HARD to do what this book did.

Sadly, the line between being an alpha-male in the bedroom and being a rapey asshole doesn’t seem to be as clear as it should be in real life or in fiction.

Shit, I didn’t even roll my eyes at the fact that the MC was a virgin, it was executed so well.

How not to Fall is how you write a sexy dominant character. It’s also how you write a funny, thoroughly entertaining romance novel….

This book was so awesome that….

…. I’m sad to say I’m not 100% sure I’ll be reading the sequel.

If we’re talking Urban Fantasy/Paranormal with a romantic subplot, I’m game for however many books so long as the main plot entertains me. But when it comes to contemporary romance…as in, the romance between the main characters is the plot? Do authors really expect me to read through a whole series of one love story?

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ Dat! 

I want my romance in ONE lump sum installment, even if it ends up running long. Yeah, I know…separate books means more money which is why most indie authors do it, and definitely why most publishers encourage it…but I’m not even certain that this is the case with Emily Foster. I think she truly believed this romance was worthy of a multi-book series.

And I don’t question it all.

I just didn’t go into this expecting to be reading a continuing story with the same characters. I figured it was the usual, where it’s the same town/campus/circle of friends what have you, and in the next book it’s a new couple. I had no idea this was a serialized love story or I wouldn’t have bothered with it…

…But I’m also happy I didn’t know because this first book itself was SO MUCH FUN.

And here’s another thing that’s weird….I read the preview for book two at the back of book 1 and it looks like the next story will be told either in dual POV with the two MC’s or from the male (Charles) POV….and I’m torn about that, too

Yep. This is super weird for me, Guys. Because normally, I love the male MC’s POV most and the female lead (and her POV) irks the shit out of me. In this book however,

It was hilarious being inside Annabelle Coffey’s head.

THIS Ana certainly had a Hell of a lot more to say than “Oh crap. Double crap. My inner-goddess, blah, blah, *bites lip*”. I’m not sure I’d enjoy reading from Charles’ POV. I feel like he’ll be the one who gets on my nerves….I dunno….


Look, just read this if you want a funny, raunchy, steamy (did I mention funny?) romance novel. One that’s complete with a damaged Alpha-hero who needs fixing…and by fixing I mean he has the potential to be a worthy alpha hero….not the fixing all of these “Christian Grey” types need. (Hint: Google Lorena Bobbitt)

This could have probably be a solid  5 stars if it had been a complete stand alone, but since it ends on a cliffhanger…

4 Ramble-Worthy Stars

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