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FULL DISCLOSURE: This is such a quick review (of a book that I really did enjoy) that it’s more about little pet peeves than anything. *Kanye shrug* I’d still recommend it to anyone look for some good ole raunchy-fun.


This story ran a lot longer than it needed to in my opinion.

And seriously, what the fuck is up with authors lately and their obsession with their characters having “Pet Names” for each other? It’s like Baby, Babe, or Darling won’t do…alone. (Not that those aren’t overused, too sometimes).They have to couple it with shit like “Nightie Girl”, or “Chex Mix chick” Or, in this story specifically, “Trouble” & “Wild” oh and of course “my Girl” and “my boy”. I was ready to start a drinking game every time they used the nickname but then I remembered the way my Monday’s are set up…I’d be too trashed to go out in broad daylight. That, and alcohol poisoning is likely a “No, Bueno” situation on any day of the week.

Also, maybe I’m the weirdest female of my gender but I rolled my eyes at the hysterics in the final arc when the big reveal happened. And at the unrealistic way “Her Boy” resolved it. I seriously considered downgrading from 4 stars to 3 because the whole time I was reading her reacting all I could think was, “Is this Bitch serious?” 

VERDICT: This one was VERY close to getting a 4-star rating. It was entertaining and complete with a  total swoon-worthy hero up until the last few chapters. The ending was satisfying, even if I couldn’t take the “break up/grand gesture” part of the romance formula seriously. So yeah….I think downgrading it would make me even more almost as dramatic as Sidney at the end of the book.

And we can’t have that.


4 Stars?


How about 3.5?

3.5 Stars it is!

FYI: I’m definitely interested in reading Tori and Jamie’s story. Brian’s BFF is an asshole. He totally gives me Elle Kennedy “The Deal” vibes so I’m intrigued to see how he’s painted as a hero in their book. That and hate-to-love scenarios have always been my favorite.

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