I procrastinate.

A lot.

And ordinarily that would make the prospect of being a successful writer foolish, what with you needing to follow schedules, meet deadlines and what not. 

But there’s this awesome group of people that whipped me into shape, inciting my creativity and my thirst for meeting a new writing challenge every day. A lot of those people were named in the hand-made collage posted above.

Okay, so clearly you can see how awful I am at formal introductions. I’m a rambler, yes, this is true. But I prefer to ramble about fictional characters. 

Namely the ones constantly talking at me inside my head. 

The world of fiction is my kinda escapism, People. It’s like a vacation for me all year round. 

And I love my own fictional Universes the most because this cluster-fuck of a world we’re living in today can’t touch it.

In my world(s), “real life” is only as bitter or sweet as I choose to make it. And you can be sure to get a healthy dose of both the former and the latter if I’m writing about love because to me, you can’t have true love without (a little) angst. 

Quick-ish Facts about Me:

–  I love cookie dough ice cream

–  I have a smart ass mouth, and my filter tends to be very lax when you trigger that good ole Taurus temper of mine.


YES, I choose to believe that our zodiac signs influence our personalities, and you know what? Fuck all you  snooty-booty Sheldon Coopers that have a problem with this! (I still luh you though, Shelly.)

–  If you hate Harry Potter, please….LET the door hit your bougie-by-nature ass on your way out of my space, you filthy muggle! Me, Myself and I are collectively waving you away, Nae-Nae (Potter) style! (Wingardium Leviosa, Motherfucker!) 

–  If the Prince Charming/Knight in Shining armor of a story is completely perfect (read:boring) I am 99.9% likely to root for the bad guy because I prefer my heroes with flaws….and who says the villain isn’t the hero to his  people? #GaryStu? #NoThankYou


So, in addition to being  an avid, borderline rabid writer,  I’m also an extremely passionate reader. And like most other aspects in life, I have very strong opinions about what I read. 

I use the google search engine on my tablet at least once every day, and if I see Yahoo answers or Wikipedia pop up in the results I click those first, despite their less than stellar credibility at times. I guess there’s just something about getting feedback from a communal source.

The same applies when it comes to getting feedback on my writing. Feedback is the reason for this blog’s existence. Whether it was positive or negative, whether it made me smile or  want to improve….I appreciated it ALL. And I sincerely hope that it continues. 

For those that don’t know, I started with fan-fiction. NO, I didn’t discover my love of writing there. I’ve loved to write since the third grade when I made up my own fable called “Why do turtles have shells?” However, writing SOA fan-fiction was my first time in YEARS putting my writing out publicly for people to scrutinize. And this past year, I believe my writing has improved without me ever having any conscious expectations of it doing so. I owe that to my SOA peeps.

But now I’m wading into the deeper side of the pool. This blog will (soon) feature ORIGINAL stories in addition to my fan-fiction. And I hope all of you visiting will check it out, and leave feedback after you finish reading a chapter. 


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