FYEO: A Novel

F.Y.E.O: A Novel

The first time Morgana Hendricks meets her father is on her seventeenth birthday—the eve of her mother’s funeral. Wracked with anger and grief the spring semester of her Junior year ends in disaster. And when her latest scandal at an end of Summer party makes the local paper, Morgana’s aunt, the only other family she’s known packs up all of her things and drops her off at the lavish front gates of her father, Quinton Wiltshire, and his family—a wife and three kids… who knew nothing about her existence.

A new school (filled with rich brats who won’t let her forget that she doesn’t belong.)

A new step-mother and three siblings (who resent and hate her for the choices her parents made).

So many new  opportunities (to screw up).

Jameson Daniels is the only one who sees the real her.

And she’s the only one who knows a truth that could destroy him.

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